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cells. I have written a cell array that has the names of all cells of the array. [~,~,CellName] = cell(counter); counter = counter +1; With this cell array, I wish to find the cell with an ID of 10. I tried using the function, idx=find(CellName=="ID10") which did not work as expected. Is there another function that can find the desired element of the cell array? Thanks a lot! A: You are storing CellName as a 2D cell array, but you are trying to find the cell name using a 1D vector. You want to be doing this: % convert to a 1D vector using cell2mat() [~,CellName] = cell(counter); % find the desired cell idx = find(cell2mat(CellName) == "ID10"); % access the desired cell CellName(idx) If you do not store your cell names in a 2D matrix, you can instead do: % replace your cell array with a string CellName = strjoin(CellName(:),','); % find the cell idx = find(strcmp(CellName, "ID10")); % get the desired cell var util = require('./util') var http = require('http') , assert = require('assert') , request = require('../index') ; var fixtures = [ { id: 1, name: 'bar', uri: '' }, { id: 2, name: 'baz', } ] describe('request', function(){ var x = 2 describe('when everything works', function(){ beforeEach(function(done){ util.putFixture(fixtures, x) request('') .on('error', done)




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Matlab R2008a Software Free Download With Crack And 156 [2022]

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