Alisha Harris

photographer for the wildly in love

Hey friend,

but really… let's be friends!


I want to capture you. The real you, with your

guard down, in your comfort zone & in love.


The goal is to be so comfortable around me that you sometimes forget that I’m even there. That is when you’ll

relax into each other & give that smile you fell in love with.

Isn’t that the smile you want to look back on

years from now?


Whether it’s your beautiful wedding day, the tender

first weeks at home with your newborn or just an

ordinary Sunday at home making pancakes,

I want to be a part of it.


These real life moments are important,

they are the moments you’re going to want to be able

to look back on an relive years down the road.

Trust me on this one. Perfectly posed images are pretty,

but real life is where it’s at. 

My love story 

A little work, a little life