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Alisha Maria

Hey friend,

but really… let's be friends!


I'm a tall, easy going, photographer who is passionate about the people I love. I believe photographs are our most treasured possessions & choose real moments over perfect poses EVERY TIME! 


I want people to feel so comfortable with me that they forget I'm there to take their photograph & their walls come down.


The moment you relax into each other & give those quirky smiles that made you fall in love, that is a photograph that you'll want to look back on years from now, isn't it?


Whether it’s your beautiful wedding day, the tender first weeks at home with your newborn or just an ordinary Sunday morning making pancakes together, it's your love story & I want to capture it.


fun facts

I'm 5'10"

while I hated it in middle school,

I now love the super flattering

perspective I get while shooting!

I have a moth phobia

It has reared its head during an engagement session once,

I barely held it together.

My cats name is Pants

he is the epitome of a grouchy,

cuddly, fat cat. I got him for my 24th birthday & love him to pieces!

Hazelnut Lattes are life!

the best ones come from Java's

(at RIT where I went to college)

but I'll take one from anywhere!

my love story 

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